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Smith Machine Home Gym, 2000Lbs Smith Rack with Cable Crossover and 800Lbs Weight Bench, Home Gym Equipment

Smith Machine Home Gym, 2000Lbs Smith Rack with Cable Crossover and 800Lbs Weight Bench, Home Gym Equipment

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Build your own cave from M7

10-in-1 machine, Allows 150+ training modes to

meet your training schedule for a week.

Squat rack-provides a safe environment to perform various

free weight exercises such as squats, bench presses, dead-lifts, etc.

Functional trainer-the ultimate full-body workout tool

offers a cardio-pumping and endurance-challenging

experience with exercises like slams, waves, jacks, throws, and pulls.

Smith machine-The Smith machine lets you do a version of just about

every barbell exercise you can do in the power rack.

Plus, there are a few exercises you can do only in the Smith machine.

you can do on a Smith machine safely and effectively.

Lat pull-down station - lat pull-down station is a great

element to add to any strength training focused on the back.

Low row station- “diamond plate” pattern of foot-board,

No worries about slipping here.

Chin up station- Pull-ups not only train your back muscles

but also engage your biceps, forearms, and arm muscles.

Dip station-allows for various upper body and core muscle training exercises

Core trainer / Landmine station-Combining with barbells to

help build core rotational stability and strength.

Band Peg resistance training-provide additional support and challenge

for strength training and rehabilitation.

Vertical Leg Press-The M7 vertical leg press attachment provides

powerful way to overload your quads, hamstrings and glutes.

The quality and ease of operation of the vertical leg press make it one of

you favorite stations on the M7.


★ Steel Frame: 2’’x2’’

★ Overall Height: 89.43-in

★ Overall Width: 54.46-in

★ Overall Depth: 70.77-in

★ Weight Post Diameter:1”/2”

★ Product Weight: 418 lbs

★ Cable System Ratio: 1:1

★ Number of Package: 4

Packages Included:

- 1x Power cage

- 1x T bar

- 1x Tricep rope

- 1x Cable bar

- 1x Lat pull down bar

- 2x Cable handle

Want to enjoy more training modes? Try our 10- in-1 smith machine M4.

With additional smith system

Here is the link:

Or try our compact gym equipment, 7- in-1 smith machine M3.

With additional smith system and Vertical leg press.

Here is the link:

  • 10-In-1 Gym Station - Mikolo M7 base unit consolidates an entire commercial gym into a single power rack footprint, offering a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Lat Pulldown, Low Row, Smith Machine, Vertical Leg Press, Chin Up, Dip Station, Core Trainer, and Suspension Trainer. And you'll receive over (16) rack attachments, (6) Weight Storage Pins, (6) Storage Hooks, and (1) barbell holder—all at an irresistible price!
  • Premium Quality Gym Equipment - Built with 2”x2”, 14 gauge steel tube and aluminum pulleys, Mikolo M7 smith machine has undergone rigorous testing by professional factory engineers, ensuring a stable structure and enduring performance. Assembled dimensions: 75.9 ''(L) x 51.2 ''(W) x 80.7 ''(H).
  • Space-Efficient & Cost-Saving Design - Multifunctional Power Cage M7 is remarkably compact, housing 10 different training stations within about a third of the usual footprint. It offers most features needed for a home gym while saving you at least $1000 compared to purchasing separate equipment.
  • Versatile Design - Enjoy access to 40+ free weight barbell exercises, an impressive selection of 75+ cable exercises, 30+ Smith machine exercises, 30+ core trainer exercises, 10 basic chin-up variations with different grips, 2 fundamental dip variations (wide and narrow grip), 80+ suspension trainer exercises, and 3 leg press variations: narrow, shoulder-width, and wide stance leg press.
  • Co-Training Design - Featuring dual pulley systems, M7 home gym station facilitates simultaneous training sessions, making it the ultimate choice for family and friends to work together in your home gym.
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